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    SWe offer a bored pile technology. The bored pile foundation system is a favourite due to its assembly advantages, such foundation can be installed in all type grounds. This unique technology may be used for house and structure foundations, highway construction and maintenance, can be used also as pipeline supports. You will save both time and costs – obtaining a qualitative result.

    In a highway construction and maintenance the main priorities are speed and quality – these factors are able to provide using a bored pile technology. In a short term there is possible to prepare a foundation for needs of motorway traffic signs, poles, stops and other structures with minimum resources and small-size machinery.
    In place, where occur natural landslides or caused by other forces, there are necessary actions, which will not promote their further operation, which can be achieved using a bored pile system. Also performing construction works, where is necessary to fasten the adjacent foundations against landslides, it is possible to perform it in short terms with comparatively low costs.
    Electric supply The deadlines for realisation of bored pile and related metal structures, are able to compete with other useable basement fastening methods and allow to reduce your costs and terms.
    The technology can be used in the following sectors:
  • Wind generators
  • Solar panels
  • Electric supply systems
  • Power stations and associated structures
    In the operation of a railway system every lapse is important, which affects the traffic movement along rail structures, therefore using a bored pile technology it is possible to reduce the time consumption, which you will spend for the maintenance of a railway system. Using this tested system it is possible to perform works in short terms with optimized expenses.
    It is possible to customize and develop all type foundations for each structure individually, in order to reduce the material costs as much as possible.
    It is possible to make an assembly of bored piles in any conditions, therefore, it is possible to use this system also for pipeline fastening in watery and loose grounds with especially manufactured supports.

    Bored Piles

    The bored pile foundation system is favourite due to its installation advantages, they don’t need ground removal, therefore, there are no additional ground work and transportation costs. Maximally short terms at any conditions. The assembly of bored piles is without vibration. The bored pile foundation may be installed in any type of ground, except hard rocks and concrete, on any terrain. The individual sections of a bored pile can be with or without blades, the sections are connected using screws. The spiral-shape plate makes easier the embedding of the pile in ground, which is done using a torque, which is provided by a rotating engine. Due to the spiral shape the blades are screwed in the ground, not drilled in, therefore causing minimum mechanic damage of a soil, and without vibration to the nearest buildings. The bored pile is a steel tube with completely covered enamel, which is based on epoxy. The length of the tube is starting from 0.5, it is possible to elongate the bored pile to the necessary length, while there is reached a ground with a bearing capacity, the prolonging sections are either 1m, 2m, 3m. In order the bored pile is able to ensure the bearing capacity provided for it, it must be deepened in a bearable ground. The bearing capacity of a pile, depending on a particular type, is from 0.5t up to 35t. Usually bored piles are placed in a distance from 1.5 to 3 meters from each other, but not less than the diameter of three blades, depending on the load of the structure and bearing capacity of a ground. Using whis unique technology you will save both, time and costs- obtaining a qualitative result.